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Alberta Wealth Management Inc. is a one-stop financial services company that is fully independent, searching the market to find the best products and services for our clients. We offer a full range of products from employee benefits to life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness, Guaranteed Investment Funds (GIF), RRSPs, TFSA, annuities, and much more. Our services include succession and estate planning.

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Since 1979 we’ve been using the most current available tools and techniques to offer our clients the highest level of financial services. We provide personalized wealth management that reduces and defers clients’ taxes. We also serve our clients with a sophisticated pension-like investment approach that manages risk. As an independent company we can choose from a broad range of products personalized for our clients. This gives us a significant advantage over banks and other financial institutions.

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How Essential Is It to Have Disability or Life Insurance?

How Essential Is It to Have Disability or Life Insurance?

When people encounter a major problem in their lives involving an accident or death, it can take them by surprise and leave them with no idea on how to handle the situation. Even though it’s complex, you must prepare yourself for things you cannot control. It’s not...

Segregated Funds – What They Are and Their Advantages

Segregated Funds – What They Are and Their Advantages

When it comes to attaining financial independence and stability, consulting a financial advisor will get you far. After doing your research, you may have come across the term "segregated funds" and are now interested to know more about this type of financial...

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Over the years Alberta Wealth Management Inc. has developed trusting relationships with many companies. By partnering with these companies we have achieved excellent results with tax-advantaged products.

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