Manulife One

A recent study has shown that Canadians are losing thousands of dollars by not consolidating their debts and by not integrating those debts with the assets they have.

Manulife One is an innovative account that does just that. It enables Canadians to use what they own to reduce what they owe, to simplify their day-to-day finances and to save thousands in interest costs.

Manulife One is an all-in-one account. Instead of having a separate mortgage, chequing account, savings account, line of credit, and assorted banking products—all at different interest rates and all with different fees—you have one simple “chequing and borrowing” account.

Manulife One is available to those who have already shown the discipline required to build at least 25% equity in their principal residence. At this time, Manulife is only covering owner-occupied residences, and isn’t covering farms, investment or recreational property.

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Clients with good income that they can verify, a good net worth, and a clean credit history are prime candidates for Manulife One.

All your debt is consolidated at one low rate of interest, which means, immediately, you could start saving on interest costs. We can facilitate access to Manulife One products through referral arrangements.