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A Registered Education Savings Plan lets you contribute funds that grow tax-free until your child goes to any eligible post-secondary school full-time.

When your child starts going to college and withdrawing money, the funds are taxable, but students typically have a low tax rate.

And if your child elects not to attend a post-secondary school, you may transfer up to $50,000 in interest earned in the RESP to your RRSP, depending on whether the specific RESP offers that feature.

Your contributions are not tax deductible, but the federal government does contribute an additional 20% on the first $2,500 of your annual contributions as part of the Canada Education Savings Grant (CESG) if your annual household net income tops $83,088. These contributions don't count towards your maximum contribution limits.

Alberta offers an additional contribution through the Alberta Education Savings Plan. The province contributes $500 to the RESP of every child born to Alberta residents since January 1, 2005. Starting in 2013 Alberta will give subsequent $100 grants to children at ages 8, 11, and 14, beginning with children born in 2005.

Like RRSPs, RESPs can be self-directed, or you can structure a RESP as a scholarship plan.

Manulife One

A recent study has shown that Canadians are losing thousands of dollars by not consolidating their debts and by not integrating those debts with the assets they have.

Manulife One is an innovative account that does just that. It enables Canadians to use what they own to reduce what they owe, to simplify their day-to-day finances and to save thousands in interest costs.

Manulife One is an all-in-one account. Instead of having a separate mortgage, chequing account, savings account, line of credit, and assorted banking products—all at different interest rates and all with different fees—you have one simple "chequing and borrowing" account.

Manulife One is available to those who have already shown the discipline required to build at least 25% equity in their principal residence. At this time, Manulife is only covering owner-occupied residences, and isn't covering farms, investment or recreational property.

Clients with good income that they can verify, a good net worth, and a clean credit history are prime candidates for Manulife One.

All your debt is consolidated at one low rate of interest, which means, immediately, you could start saving on interest costs.

We can facilitate access to Manulife One products through referral arrangements.


Richard Wright designed and copyrighted this strategy in 2005. Its design helps people deal with two key problems that face most of us: we have way too much money tied up in our homes while having too little saved for retirement. This leads most people to believe they have to choose between an enjoyable life today or a pleasurable retirement tomorrow. The reality is you can have both.

Most of us see a home merely as a place to live. Richard will show you how your home can be much more useful to you than that without making any sacrifices. You'll be amazed how owning a piece of real estate can help you build wealth and reduce your income taxes. If over the years you've built equity in your home and you aren't treating it like your own private bank, you are missing an awesome opportunity to accumulate wealth and improve your lifestyle.

By attending Richard's workshop you'll learn how to use Canadian tax laws to your advantage, all without spending a penny more than what you're currently spending; along with building wealth and cutting taxes through home ownership. We'll even show you how you can pay off your mortgage sooner.

Please continue to check our workshops section for the exact date.

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