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Charitable giving is a donor-advised fund that is a simple, cost-effective, charitable vehicle that combines immediate tax benefits with the ability to support your favourite charities now and in the future without the administrative responsibilities and expenses of setting up your own private foundation.

Advantages of Charitable Giving

  • Disposing of property in Canada often leads to taxable capital gain. With charitable giving of publicly-listed stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, gifts do not trigger taxable gains. This does not apply to gifts made to a private foundation.
  • You can use your tax credits against income up to 75% or up to 100% of net income in the year you pass away and the year immediately preceding death. This allows for some powerful estate and gift planning opportunities.
  • Lets you shape and define your legacy and help you answer the question, "How will I be remembered?" Whatever your interest, whatever your passion, you can make a difference. Sometimes a well-placed gift of a few hundred dollars can make all the difference to a charity in the delivery of its programs and services. Charitable giving needn't be only for the wealthy.
  • By involving your children in the fund you can create a legacy of giving by passing on your most essential values the importance of giving back to your community and helping those less fortunate.
  • You can use different assets like stocks, cash, and bonds to support your charitable giving. You can support charities close to home and across the country. Involve your family in your philanthropic decision making—now and in the future.
  • Your fund is professionally managed and administered.

Start giving back to your community today with the help of Alberta Wealth Management Inc.

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